Novak's Tavern & Patio   475 N High St  Columbus,OH43215   (614) 224-8821
Novak's Tavern & Patio
475 N High St
ColumbusOH 43215
 (614) 224-8821

Reviews Of Novak's Tavern & Patio

4.74 147 Reviews
michael smith
Mar 03, 2018

Erin Lindsey
Mar 02, 2018

Love the upper deck. It’s open when the weather is nice but closed off and heated when it’s cold. Has some good DJs a few times I’ve been there. Kinda hard to find if your a bit intoxicated but there are actually two entrances.

tabby foster
Feb 09, 2018

Gary Turner
Jan 21, 2018

Elevnty million stars I would give more if they would let me

Ashton K
Dec 24, 2017

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